Multi-Oral: the only total concept
for treatment and prevention of oral problems


The disrupted balance of the oral flora is directly connected to different oral problems. One problem can quickly escalate into the next one - all of these problems have a direct connection with each other. The only way to break this "vicious triangle" is by correcting the bacterial flora.


That is the key focus of our Multi-Oral line of products. 

Multi-Oral Spray

Multi-Oral Spray

Treats and prevents
dry mouth problems

Oral Gel

Multi-Oral Gel

Treats and prevents
oral tissue problems
Multi-Oral RemiDent


Multi-Oral RemiDent

Treats and prevents
bleeding gums and
tooth erosion



Multi-Oral RemiDent has won the 3rd Best Innovation CPhI Pharma Award

Multi-Oral Spray has won the prestigious award from the influential magazine Natural Healthcare in the Community

NP award




Solutions for Oral problems



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